Pharmaceutical market - 2016-2017. Ukraine

The Ukrainian health care market has undergone a range of changes since 2016. The medical system reform was launched at the beginning of 2018. It started from the primary health care change. Therefore, the state policy aims to create optimal conditions of first aid administration and to stimulate the operation of the doctors of the primary health care staff in the health system. The important peculiarity of development of the public health is a reduction in number of hospitals and increase in number of medical outpatient facilities.

At year end-2015 and 2016, the market of paid medical services grew in money terms. According to the official data, the odontology and diagnostics are in demand in the private sector structure.

The share of hospital sector has increased in physical terms in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market over the past two years (in 2016 and 2017). The state policy in this sphere aims to attract the foreign investments in order to develop the pharmaceutical branch in general. The local market participants increase the market share in the production and sale of pharmaceuticals at the expense of the price factor.



1. Ukrainian health system

Ukrainian health care market size

Public sector

Market of paid medical services. Private sector

Medical insurance system

State policy in the field of health care

2. Ukrainian pharmaceutical market

Ukrainian pharmaceutical market size in 2016-2017

Production of pharmaceuticals

Ukrainian foreign trade in pharmaceuticals

3. Pharmaceutical management policy in Ukraine

Registration of drugs

GMP inspection

Fast-track review process for pharmaceuticals

Preparation of the regulatory documents

Local QC testing

Registration of brand names of pharmaceuticals

Price formation

4. Competition

Local players

Foreign players

5. Public procurement of pharmaceuticals (ARV drugs)

New public authority specialized in pharmaceuticals procurement in Ukraine in 2019-2020

Methods used to forecast the pharmaceuticals domestic demand

Qualification requirements for the tenderers

Tendering process. Factors influencing the selection of a supplier

Procurement process, delivery conditions

Process of distribution of purchased drugs in the country

Import substitution policy. Main pharmaceutical market participants (including ARV drugs)

List of ARV drugs for procurement

6. Ukrainian market of ARV drugs

COST: USD 4,520.00

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