The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has determined the main investment projects until 2023

At a meeting on November 18, the government identified 103 priority investment projects until 2023. Production of ALV (artificial lung ventilation) devices the rocket and space complex are one of the projects, Interfax reports.

Out of 103 investment projects, for 4 of them the financing is provided exclusively from the state account, for 43 - from the state and / or local budget.

The organization of the production of ALV will take place at the expense of the investor, the state budget and other sources.

The modernization of the An-124-100 and An-225 aircraft family at the state enterprise “Antonov”, the projects of the air-launch rocket and space complex and the Observatory international scientific center on Mount Pop Ivan are to be implemented at the expense of state funds with international technical assistance.

Among the priority projects is the construction of a waste sorting line in Drohobych (Lviv region) funded by the state budget and local budgets.

It is planned to implement a project on preparation of the production of an infrared homing head for guided air missiles and expanding the Yagodin international checkpoint.

The draft law also deals with the construction of waste incineration plants in Kramatorsk and Mariupol, infrastructure in Shatsk National Park and the H2O New Kakhovka Olympic Sports Center.

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The US Congress approved the 2020 Bill of Belarusian Democracy, Human Rights and Sovereignty.

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In January-September 2020, the GDP of Belarus amounted to BYN 106.6 billion, or in comparable prices 98.7% over the same period in 2019. In addition to the coronavirus epidemic and two currency crises, the main impact on the economic decline was made by the decrease in turnover in the petrochemistry and mechanical engineering.

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Among other obvious factors, the protests in Belarus were the result of global changes in the economy. The old model, the tangible industrial one, is more and more moving aside, and it is being replaced by a new, information technology model generally known as postindustrial.

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In 2020, the Belarusian economy experienced several disturbances: a decrease in the Russian crude supplies, the pandemic consequences, and two foreign exchange crises in March and August. As a result, the GDP of Belarus in January-July 2020 amounted to BYN 80.0 billion, or 98.4% in comparable prices compared with the same period in 2019.

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In January-March 2020, Belarus; GDP amounted to 99.7% in comparable prices as against January-March 2019. Although Belarus' GDP gradually began to win back the January fall in February-March of this year, the index is nevertheless decreasing.